The Madness Emporium is Blood Moon's official shop. Here, you can use your studs to purhcase various items of equipment, including the magical Moon Stones.

Weapons Edit

  • Sword
    • +1 to all damage done
    • 5 studs
  • Crossbow
    • Can do an automatic one point of damage to any character per round you fight in, with a 60% chance of doing more.
    • 8 studs
  • Pistol
    • +2 to all damage done
    • 10 studs
  • Spear
    • Allows you to take one attack per day with no chance of your opponent blocking you, unless they specifically have a special ability allowing them to do so automatically.
    • 10 studs
  • Missile launcher
    • Automatically does 5 damage to one opponent of your choice. One use only.
    • 40 studs

Vehicles Edit

  • Mini Off-Roader
    • +1 move per round.
    • 10 studs
  • Mini Helicopter
    • +1 move per round, increases likelihood of evading enemy attacks.
    • 15 studs
  • Swamp Boat
    • +1 action, allows you to use your special ability twice per day.
    • 15 studs
  • Hearse
    • In addition to regular vehicle abilities, allows you to respawn with half your life point total after death, although the Hearse is then destroyed.
    • 25 studs
  • UFO
    • Gives you two extra attacks per round, and increases your life point total by one.
    • 30 studs
  • T-Rex
    • Acts as a vehicle, allowing you to attack once more per day, and will also attack one random foe in it's own per day. However, it has 10 hit points, and can be killed.
    • 30 Studs

Moon Stones Edit

  • Swamp/Wolf/Bat/Lightning/Ghost Stone
    • Counts towards your side's Moon Stone total.
    • 35 studs
  • Zombie Stone
    • A Moon Stone infected by the stench of the Zombies, this foul device can be used to destroy any other Moon Stone. One use only. Once you've bought it once, it cannot be repurchased by you.
    • 45 studs

Other Edit

  • Body-Armour
    • +2 life points (this can be added to your initial total).
    • 10 studs
  • Medpack
    • Restores one lost life point.
    • 12 studs
  • Holy/Unholy Water
    • Add to any weapon to make it double its affect against foes.
    • 15 studs
  • Milk
    • Use it to get a 3/4 chance of winning once
    • 35 studs - Price high because of Ann Lee's cows missing.
    • To put the price of milk down, you can buy new cows, which can cut the price into just 18 studs! To get a cow, you must defeat one monster, or one hero, then say who you defeated and buy milk.