Funhouse n RPG 083
Name: Robin
Living? Yes
Played by: Nighthawk leader
Game(s): Krypton SonSet

Robin is a minifigure who appears in Krypton SonSet. He is a hero, played by Nighthawk leader.

Background Edit

Robin is Batman’s sidekick, but after the supposed death of the second Robin, Jason Todd, at the hands crowbar of The Joker, Batman began to work alone. At least until Tim Drake saved Batman from The Penguin. Batman realized a resemblance between Tim and the first Robin, Dick Grayson. At age nine, Tim discovered Batman's true identity to be Bruce Wayne and was recruited as Batman's sidekick, Robin. Robin has rivalries with villains such as The Penguin and Two-Face. Though he often works with Batman, but The Spoiler is another common ally of Robin.

Stats Edit

  • Inventory: One Bat-grenade
  • Ability: First aid (Can heal one health point on any ally or himself)
  • Weakness: Clowns… (1/4 chance of defeating The Joker and Harley Quinn)

Gallery Edit