Lex Luthor
Name: Lex Luthor
Living? No
Played by: LEGOSpinjitzu
Game(s): Krypton SonSet

Lex Luthor is a minifigure who appears in Krypton SonSet. He is a villain, played by LEGOSpinjitzu.

Background Edit

Lex Luthor is a billionaire, the head of LexCorp Industries, and a philanthropist, but is also the power-hungry arch-enemy of Metropolis' protector, Superman. Lex is cunning and has super human intelligence which he uses in his struggle against Superman.

Stats Edit

  • Ability: Unlimited supply of Kryptonite (1/4 chance of poisoning the target of your choice. They will lose one health point and be unusable for the day, does not work on Batman; receives a bonus against Supergirl without poisoning her.)
  • Weakness: Suit 'n' Tie (Only 8 health points)