Green Arrow
Name: Green Arrow
Living? Yes
Played by: Awesomeknight1234
Game(s): Krypton SonSet

Green Arrow is a minifigure who appears in Krypton SonSet. He is a hero, played by Awesomeknight1234.

Background Edit

Oliver Queen is a vigilante, very similar to Batman, who is based in Star City. Unlike Batman though, Queen is more involved in politics and acts as the political conscience of the Justice League. As Green Arrow, he uses various trick arrows.

Stats Edit

  • Ability: Could of been a little more original (Can copy one of Batman’s victories on any villain onto that same villain and automatically win; can only be used once a day.)
  • Weakness: Again, originality… (If Batman and/or Black Canary are defeated in a fight, you will be unable to attack again until both do. If only one is defeated, you will only have to wait for that character to attack again.)