Name: Batwoman
Living? Yes
Played by: Regular massacre
Game(s): Krypton SonSet

Batwoman is a hero in Krypton SonSet played by Regular massacre.


Batwoman, or Kathy Kane, belonged to a family who owned a curio shop in Gotham City. When her family refused to pay protection to Rupert Thorne and the other criminals that populate the city, it was burnt down. Kathy, who was present in the shop at the time, was rescued by Batman. Her rescue inspired her to become a vigilante to get her revenge on Thorne and the other crime that populates the city. Kathy trained herself in gymnastics, but found it wasn't enough when she was quickly defeated by The Riddler. She recruited her friends Rocky Ballantine and Katrina Moldoff to aid her. Rocky acts as her intelligence (similar to Oracle) and Katrina, as the heir to the Moldoff circus fortune, her financial support. After defeating Thorne and his partners when they tried to interfere with the Kanzanian civil war by sending the highest bidder a shipment of weapons, she was able to rebuild her family’s curio shop (coincidentally the one Joker robbed the dragon statue from).


  • Weapons/Objects: Batarang
  • Military Training: (3/4 chance of defeating terrorists. This includes The Joker, Poison Ivy, and Ra's Al Ghul.)
  • Weakness: Life scarring incidents (Can only attack two times per day due to a life scarring incident in her past)